Case Study

Unleashing Cinematic Potential

Unlocking the Magic: Analyzing markets for co-produced movies.

Embrace the future of movie-making! Wallet Hunter delved into blockchain data and social surveys, identifying:

    • 74,523 potential movie enthusiasts
    • 22,357 from vibrant Indian regions
    • 5,000+ with a passion for high-quality content

These insights sculpted an exquisite launch plan, determining NFT counts and pricing strategies for an unforgettable market entry.

Elevating Wallet Experiences

Strategic Wallet Enrichment: A Symphony of Patterns and Insights.

Witness the transformation of 120,000 wallets! Wallet Hunter enriched and followed holders across chains, sculpting a landscape of insights:

    • 38,551 wallet addresses tailored for ideal experiences
    • Segmented token holders illuminated by their unique activity patterns
    • Targeted campaigns, echoing the desires of the most engaged holders

The Art of Precision Marketing

Harvesting Twitter Trends and Wallet Wonders.

Enter the realm of precision marketing! Wallet Hunter sourced:

    • Wallet addresses and Twitter handles of influencers
    • 50 dynamic profiles with 1 ETH+, 100k+ Twitter followers, and 30+ transactions in the last 6 months

Casting the Net for Mass Impact

Weaving Success Stories Across Ethereum and Polygon.

Engage with 10,000 vibrant wallet addresses! Wallet Hunter navigated the crypto seas, discovering:

    • A treasure trove of users with crypto holdings exceeding $100
    • Stalwarts in Staking/Yield Farming, active in the last 6 months
    • A multi-channel campaign casting ripples across the Ethereum and Polygon communities

Harmonizing Brands and Legends

Crafting Legends in the Music Industry.

Embark on a sonic journey! Wallet Hunter curated:

    • Entertainment-specific Wallet Addresses
    • A roadmap for multiple revenue channels in the Web3 space
    • A sustainable 12-month marketing plan for the Legends of Indian Music
    • A thriving community, and a rejuvenated brand persona